Soft Cinema  
Ambient Narrative


"Going through the automatic car wash was her favorite thing in the universe. She did not remember when this passion had started exactly..She remembered experiencing such unprovoked happiness often when she was growing up back home, on ALPHA-1, before she was sent to Earth. On Earth only going through an automatic car wash gave her the same feeling, or at least something close to it."

To create this new edition Soft Cinema, the software was greatly expanded. The new version allows the authors to "sculpt" cinematic experience over time by specifying the type of layout, the number of windows and their content at every point in time - or leave any of these choices to the software. Accordingly, in some places in Mission to Earth, particular visuals are “hard-wired” to the narrative, while in other places the software can choose from a larger number of alternative variations. (Think of a filter which periodically gets wider and then again becomes more narrow.)

Photo still from Mission

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